How Are You Walking?

Sandra Hersey. Live life out loud. Keys to victorious faith

1 Chronicles 10:1-14 recounts the story of Saul while he is King over Israel for almost 40 years. God had given to Saul, Samuel His Prophet, to lead and instruct him in his actions. Before King Saul was to go to battle against the Philistines Samuel had anointed Saul and given him specific instructions to wait for him at Gilgal for seven days and Samuel would come and make burnt offerings and make sacrifices of peace offerings for Saul. However, while Saul is there waiting; day seven has arrived and Saul is getting anxious and worried. His soldiers were starting to scatter, it was day seven and Samuel had not yet arrived as promised, the Philistines were gathering their forces at Michmash, and Saul was fearful of an attack of the Philistines. So in haste Saul assumed the priestly prerogatives and offered up the burnt offerings himself, resulting in sin and ultimately his demise because he had not only disobeyed the Law of Moses but he failed to keep the commandment God had given him through His prophet Samuel. This resulted in Saul dying at the hand of God himself.

Looking at this particular story of Saul we can see why he acted as he did. Fear, worry, and doubt had crept in and was over shadowing Saul’s judgment. When we are faced with situations in our lives which cause us to look at the natural around us instead of what God has already promised in His Word, we tend to act like Saul did. God had sent His prophet Samuel to Saul to instruct him, and God has sent His Word to us to instruct us. We are to focus on what God has already promised in His word. We are not to be led by fear, worry, and doubt. Instead of making a list of reasons concerning what is going on in the natural, which causes us to react, we are to focus on what God has already promised us and stand on that! His Word has already promised you and I all we need to face what seem like impossible situations. Nothing is impossible with God! ©


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2 thoughts on “How Are You Walking?

  1. Rachel March 7, 2014 at 7:35 PM

    It’s hard not to worry about things in the natural, but God is in control! All we have to do is keep our eyes on him!! Thank you God for being God!!


  2. Sharon Wilson June 9, 2013 at 9:53 PM

    Fear worry and doubt are our own worst enemies. To have faith in the strenght of god is to keep these enemies at bay.


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