Watch Out For The Second Thought!

Sandra Hersey. Live life out loud. Keys to victorious faith

Mark 11:23 is a scripture that we all must inscribe in our hearts and in our minds. Belief is very important! “Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, Be lifted up and thrown into the sea! and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him.” {amplified}

Today let’s take notice of “and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him.” Jesus wanted the disciples to know that their faith had to be huge, that is why he referenced a mountain. Mountains are huge! Jesus knows if we can believe we can move mountains- then we can believe for our mortgage payment, a new job, a reconciled relationship, or healing in our bodies. Jesus tells us we have to first speak to the situation and then we must believe and not doubt.

How many times have you received something from God and you were dancing around praising Him, knowing that you know that He is faithful and would bring it to pass. You speak it out and throw your hands in the air and praise God and then there is the second thought! The thought that makes you look at the natural and start wondering; “how can that be done, that may seem too big to believe for.” Your second thought may be one that questions if you really heard from God.

Peter, like us, fell victim to “the second thought” in Mark 14: 28-30. Peter had asked Jesus if he could come out and walk on the water. When Jesus told him to come; out of the boat Peter bounded. Now you have to get a picture of this in your mind. Peter is flesh and blood just like you and I. He was not a super human, but an ordinary man. He lifts his leg, throws it over the side of the boat and starts to walk on top of the water! Imagine that right now; imagine yourself walking on top of the water! Peter asked for something, Jesus said yes, and then Peter started out walking by faith – believing that what Jesus had said he could really do. And Peter really could do what Jesus said; verse 29 says he walked on the water!

Then Peter allowed the second thought to come in. He looked around at the waves and the wind he became afraid and started to sink. One of my favorite new sayings is “Fear tolerated is Faith contaminated!” Peter allowed fear to come in and contaminate his faith! His first thought was one of faith, and then looking at the natural his second thought was one of fear- and that my friend contaminated his faith and he began to sink. But what I love is even though Peter messed it up and allowed doubt, fear, and unbelief to step in Jesus immediately stretched out His hand to help Peter! He loved Peter and saved Peter. And together they walked to the boat. With Jesus’ help Peter walked even after he messed it up!

We must do as Mark 11:23 tells us when it says to believe in our hearts that what ever Jesus has promised you will come to pass, and we must not allow that second thought to creep in. Speak, believe, and stand on His promises to you! And remove that second thought of doubt! ©

 {Excerpt from my book Help! I’m Alone With My Mind}

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