Not A Single Fly Remained!

Sandra Hersey Keys To Victorious Faith

Exodus 8: 25-29 tells the story of Moses delivering the message from God to Pharaoh with strict instructions to “let my people go!” When Pharaoh did not harken to the voice of God, He sent swarms of flies upon the Egyptians; all the while leaving the Hebrew people untouched. In the midst of the thick swarm of flies in his palace Pharaoh wanted to compromise with Moses; he would allow the Hebrews to make their sacrifices unto God, however they had to do it nearby. God’s instructions where very clear; He required them to make a three-day journey into the wilderness and His command was firm and non negotiable!

Many times in our walk with Christ we have people who urge us to compromise and only give to God partially what He requires. We however cannot bring partial obedience to our Father; we must have the commitment and willingness to obey when God speaks to us. We may not understand all the whys and the hows; but we are to be obedient.

Compromise according to the Webster’s Dictionary had some very interesting definitions for the word. One states, “an endangering, esp. of reputation; exposure to danger, suspicion.” While another definition states, “to make a dishonorable or shameful concession.” Are we being exposed to danger or dishonorable shame when we compromise on what God has instructed us to do? He is our loving Heavenly Father and He does not want danger or shame on our lives. He only wants what is good. All good and perfect gifts come from our Father in Heaven according to James 1:17! He wants THE best for His children just as He did for the Hebrew children. He wanted to release them from the bondage and shame they were in; He had to bring them out!

God wants to bring you and I out of any bondage we are in. Remember that bondages are not always something physical that others can see. Bondages can be things we do not like to even think about like wrong thinking about ourselves, gossip, or even anger. Whatever we face we must know our Heavenly Father wants to bring us out! I find it very interesting in verse 31 when Moses had pleaded with God to remove the flies and this verse in the New Living Translation states; “not a single fly remained!” WOW God not only removed the flies but He did not even allow one to linger around! Think about that for a minute, there were swarms and swarms of flies and the minute God sent them away not one was left! How many times does one little fly aggravate you while you are cooking dinner or having a picnic? That fly will seem to take up so much of your time and concentration because it will not leave you alone. But God was going to show HE alone was God; He not only took them away but He did not ALLOW one to even stay behind!

He wants to do that for us as well, as we choose to not compromise on what He is instructing us to do, and we walk in obedience, He will remove from our lives what He is trying to get out and He will not let a single fly remain!

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