Change; A Story of Transformation

Changing is hard but necessary. Here is why

Change; we talk about it, have books and seminars on how to do it, we all say we want it, however we all fear it. Change is almost a concept in our lives instead of an action. We want change but we fear change. Change will twist us and turn us inside out; right out of our comfort zones, all the while bringing about pain in the process. However, change will also bring great joy, peace, and rewards once we have gone through the process and come out differently on the other side.

Moses was a man who had undergone great change; we can read his amazing story of transformation throughout the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. We are able to witness facts which point to Moses being a born leader; just because he was always ready to jump in and react. Reaction was Moses favorite action. He was always drawn to do what was right, but this drawing was not refined or fine tuned and resulted in trouble when he took it upon himself to discipline Pharaoh’s taskmaster; which resulted in taking his life. He reacted when two kinsmen were fighting and he felt the need to referee. Even when he came upon the burning bush he felt the need to go and investigate. Amazingly as we watch Moses over the years we still see a leader, however we see a new leader emerge; he did not stop reacting; he learned how to react correctly. God had used two million people and a desert to help refine and change Moses’ character into the leader God had wanted.

We like Moses must learn to react with the proper instincts which are consistent to God’s will. We must allow the Holy Spirit to develop in us habits which are in obedience to God’s way of reacting. How do we do this? By consistently being obedient to God, spending time with Him daily, learning His voice, and growing in His Word. As we allow the Holy Spirit to develop us we will be able to handle stressful and trying situations with confidence; not in ourselves but in our Father.

I used to ask God to show me how to change and yet this is correct to ask in once sense; however now my prayer is how should I use my abilities and strengths to do God’s will? Remember God did not give Moses new abilities and new strengths; instead God took Moses characteristics and molded them, in order to use Moses for His purpose. God always wanted to use Moses to do His will yet Moses always complained he was not the one with the ability. I know so many times I am not the one with the ability to do what God asks me to do, however, I must remember that my Creator made me with the abilities and strengths He was going to need to complete the task; just as He did Moses. My responsibility is to grow in those giftings and allow the Holy Spirit to work in me and out of me what the Father is requesting.

He has already gifted you and I; we are to allow Him to teach us how to react correctly and allow Him to refine His craftsmanship. Knowing this will make a difference in our understanding of God’s purpose for our life and we will no longer have to worry about not being the perfect candidate for the job God has for us to complete.

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