Prized Possession

Did you know you are God's Prized Possession

What are your prized possessions? Is it your car, an award you were given, an heirloom passed down to you from previous generations, the pictures and memories of your family? Maybe your prized possessions are your children, your grandchildren, or even your spouse.

A prized possession is something you would not want to live without. You would be upset if you lost it or someone stole it from you. You might have your prized possession on display on a shelf or hanging on the wall. You might clean and polish it regularly. You light up when you talk about it or may even go out and show it off. It would be something you would defiantly take with you in the event of a natural disaster like a fire, flood, or hurricane!

What are your prized possessions?

James 1:18 gloriously proclaims to us “…and we out of all his creation became his prized possession.” Wow, do you get that; you are someone’s prized possession! Not just someone’s prized possession; but God Almighty’s prized possession! The Message Bible says “…showing us off as the crown…” As little girls and women we love crowns, we have princess parties growing up and some women even aspire to be Miss America one day – wanting to wear the prized possession of the beautiful crown! God himself shows you off as the crown; his prized possession. He looks on you with joy, beaming with pride, happiness, and great love! He cherishes you! He does not want to live without you, He would be sad if He was to lose you or someone stole you away. He is proud to tell others about you and beams when He talks about you! You ARE God’s prized possession!

Copyrighted material from my book Book Help I’m Alone With My Mind

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4 thoughts on “Prized Possession

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  4. Sharon Ball March 16, 2009 at 9:38 PM

    Seeing the picture of the crown made me wonder what God’s crowns will look like when Jesus returns. Oh, how I look forward to that day. 🙂


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