What Assurance Do You Have?

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Remember those commercials on TV which tell us how we are in a good place – protected by their product or service if we would only buy what they are selling? I recall these advertisements telling us “like a good neighbor State Farm is there,” and one which assures us; “we’ve got you covered.”

As a child of the Most High King we have the best assurance of all – Jesus Assurance! Jesus assured us in John 14:13 “Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do…” Jesus assures us we can ask – we have been given permission to ask the Father using His name! In this world of doubt, lack, and sickness we see fear running ramped. We must come against fear with the Word of God. We ask in the Name of Jesus and it SHALL be done! If we have needs which must be met, then we come asking in Jesus Name! God is a God who is the giver of good things, every good and perfect gift comes from Heaven (James 1:17).

Now I am a big advocate against the “help me, do for me” prayers we so often like to give. We rush into a time of prayer and give our “grocery or to do list” to God and out the door we run. Then we allow words to come out all day long which go against the Word of God all together. We speak of lack in our lives, we talk about being sick, we get out of love with the person we work with, and complain about this, that or the other. All the while we are sabotaging our lives. Our words are the seeds in our lives. What seeds we sew with our mouth will come to pass!

We are to set ourselves to seek God as Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles 20. Starting in verse 6 is what I consider a model way of praying. Jehoshaphat began praising God for who He is. Praising God for what He has done. Then Jehoshaphat asked God to move on their behalf! Of course at that time Jesus had not come, so Jehoshaphat did not pray in Jesus Name, but this is where we are to ask in the Name of Jesus. Notice then the Holy Spirit moved on the people of Judah and spoke to them. We are so busy and rushing through our prayer time that we do not even wait to hear what the Holy Spirit has to tell us! We are to set ourselves to seek God, praising Him, worshiping Him, thanking Him, then asking in Jesus Name, and waiting for Him to give us our instructions for the day. Then we go out standing on what the Word says and speaking over our lives as the Word says, we are healed, we are not in lack, we are blessed children of God!

Jesus loves you. He came to this earth for you. He died for you. He took stripes on His back for your sickness and diseases so you do not have to carry them! He gave it all for you! What are you needing right now? Ask the Father in Jesus powerful and precious name and He will do it for you! You have been given the best assurance anyone can give you – Jesus Assurance!

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2 thoughts on “What Assurance Do You Have?

  1. Lynn Mosher May 16, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Sandra, Great post! I have always loved studying names, especially the most important one…Jesus. It is such a mighty name, more than we realize. I loved this. Blessings to you…Lynn


  2. Carol May 16, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    Lovely post! I agree the “do for me” prayers seem to be the ones we jump to most often. Like God’s our own personal genie waiting around for us to rub the bottle and make our requests known.

    Praise is definitely the way to start out. I’d even go so far as to say the praise should be closely followed by repentance. Then petition and intercession.

    Of course, Christ’s model for prayer is more like praise, petition, repentance.

    Maybe it’s not the order of things as much as it’s the condition of our hearts when we approach the throne?


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