Miracle In The Making Part 2

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We feel that because of the life that we have lived that we cannot be used by God to do anything for him. We look at our past and the circumstances we are in right now. But Romans 4:17 tells us that God calls us, as we are to be. He calls things that are not as though they were. He does not see us as we are now, but he sees us as we are to become. We only need to allow him to work in us and on us. I believe that is why He can look on us with so much compassion. He already knows the end of the story. Have you ever watched a movie that you did not like a character in the movie, but by the end of the movie you see how they have changed? You now know what they have gone though; therefore you understand why they do what they do. Well that’s how it is with God. He does know every detail about your life, and He knows how the story will turn out, if we allow Him to be the director. If you were to watch that same movie over again you would see that same character in a different light because you already know why they do what they do, and you already know the end of the story, and how they will change.

None of us are worthy to be used of God. None of us can even begin to do enough to allow God to use us. But look at the great ones in the bible. David was a man after God’s heart according to the Word of God. This was a young man who was told when he was a teenager that God had anointed him to be the King. And he had to wait for years and years for that prophecy to come to pass. Yet in the time that he was waiting for this prophecy to be fulfilled he was being pursued by his father-in-law, who was insanely jealous and wanted to kill him. Saul was so jealous of David and yet David was married to his daughter! Not only that David was also Saul’s son’s best friend, they were friends like we do not even understand. How could you try to kill your own son-in-law and your son’s best friend? Yet David had to wonder “God do you remember that you said that I would be King, why I’m out here running for my life and hiding in caves?” Even after David’s prophesy came to pass and he did become King, he sinned. He committed adultery with Bathsheba and then had her husband killed. But yet, I said but yet, you still didn’t hear me I said but yet, God forgave him, God used him, and God said “David was a man after His own heart!” Now if God can use David I know that God can use you too. There is nothing that is so bad that the blood of Jesus cannot cover. We allow Satan to take our minds and convince us that we cannot do anything great for God. Yet God has called us to do many great things for Him. Jesus Himself said that of all the great works that He did, greater, greater, and greater I say, are the works that we will do.

God has a plan for you my friend and He wants you to move out into that plan and purpose He has called you to. Declare this out loud today “I have a destiny, I have a plan and purpose for my life that has been ordained by God Himself. No one and nothing can stand between my and what God has for me. I cannot fail; I am a miracle in the making.”

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