A Two Piece Fish Dinner

A Two Piece Fish Dinner. Christian Blog. Sandra Hersey

There are so many lessons which can be taught from Mark 6 where Jesus feeds the five thousand with a little boys lunch! In this story the disciples and Jesus were trying to go off by themselves after coming back from a ministry tour. However, alone is hardly what they were. The Bible says there were five thousand men and that was not counting women and children. So being alone was far from what these men were. However, Jesus in His love and compassion does not send them away but ministers to them. And not only does He minister to them spiritually, He instructs the disciples to minister to their very need of food. Jesus does not do the easy and convenient thing; send them home. He instructs the disciples to feed them!

“Feed them!!” I can hear them answering in rebuttal. As a matter of fact they say “With What?” Can you hear the amazement in their voice as if they are saying “Can Jesus not see how many are here, thousands of hungry people and the place is a remote area, so how are we to do that?” Jesus instructs them to prepare for a meal. He plans on feeding the entire crowd with a two piece fish dinner!!!

One of the things I love is Jesus knew there were thousands and He knew there was only 5 loves of bread and 2 small fish, remember this meal was packed for a little boy, not a multitude! Jesus even goes so far as to count the amount of people when He gives specific instructions for them to sit in groups of fifty or a hundred. Why would Jesus do that? Just pray over the meal and start passing it out I say. Why count them? I think Jesus was not only going to show God’s mighty power by providing, He wanted it known just how powerful and mighty God is, that NOTHING is impossible for God! NOTHING! But Jesus was not concerned with the odds which faced them. He was not concerned with lack. He knew His Heavenly Father would show up and provide! Jesus was showing those present and His disciples that He could overcome this and so could they!

So many feel as if the odds are stacked against them. They feel like they have over five thousand to feed and only a “snack” to do it with. And it’s during those times that doubt can begin to overrun our understanding of “how.” How is God going to change my situation, how is He going to step in and turn it around? The situation you are facing may seem insurmountable, it may seem like over five thousand are waiting on you. But we must remember Jesus is not concerned with the odds, He can, will, and has overcome any obstacle. Your two piece fish dinner is what He needs to turn the situation around!

When they brought to Jesus the only thing they had – this little boy’s lunch, Jesus took it and then in verse 41 He blessed it. We have to give God something for Him to bless! That was the answer to their problem and it is the answer to yours. What do you have that you can put into Jesus’ hands and have Him raise it up to the Father and bless it. Whatever Jesus blesses is more than enough! In verse 41 it says He kept giving the bread to the disciples. They brought what they had, Jesus blessed it, and it was more than enough!

Whatever odds you are facing remember through Jesus anything is possible. You give Him something to bless, give Him your faith and trust in Him, give Him your finances, give Him whatever He asks you to give so He can bless it. Do not allow doubt to step in and stop your blessing from Jesus. Move forward in faith, give Him something to bless and watch as you too  “eat as much as you want… with baskets left over.”

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4 thoughts on “A Two Piece Fish Dinner

  1. Nkwateleng July 30, 2009 at 8:35 AM

    Thank u Sandra for this article and many others. May God richly Bless u so that u continue to bless others…


  2. Ly Syin July 30, 2009 at 3:55 AM

    I have really been thinking about how the church should minister to your spiritual and psychical needs.


  3. Twitted by sandrahersey July 30, 2009 at 3:26 AM

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  4. Katelynn July 30, 2009 at 2:15 AM

    Sandra, thank you so much! You continue to bless me, and as always in God’s perfect timing! Love ya sis!


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