Is It True We Are What We Eat?

Are we what we eat?

With New Year’s resolutions nearly half way through the first month it is time to do an assessment of where we are. I know one of the top of everyone’s “To Do” is lose weight. We all know the old adage “you are what you eat.” I believe that is true in the natural but I totally believe that is true in our spirits as well. As we “eat” the Word of God every day we are feeding our spirits.

We all are made up of a soul which contains our minds, our will, and our emotions. Our souls live in our physical bodies and we are a spirit. Our spirit is who we are inside of our “coat” of a body. Our spirit is what will leave this earth when we die. Just as we feed our natural body for nourishment we must also feed our spirit. And whatever we are feeding our spirit is who we become; hence “you are what you eat.”

Think of this, over the course of this day how many times did you eat or drink? Now how many times did you eat of the Word of God or drink of Jesus’ living water? What does your physique look like in your spirit? Are you skinny, average, or fat on His Word?

Deuteronomy 11:18-25 instructs us to put His Words as signs before our eyes on the doorposts of our homes. There are several ways you can increase your amount of Word in your daily “diet.” You can download teachings and listen through the day, on  your commute, or your lunch break. You can write on index cards or sticky notes scriptures to put on your desk, in your car, on your mirror, and you computer. No matter how you get the Word of God in, just do it! Think of it as “grazing” all day long. Spend time praying throughout the day as well, acknowledging the presence of the Holy Spirit. He lives within you and He is trying to speak to you. So take the time each day to listen, pray, and feed on the Word of God.

{Want more devotions? I’m A Sword Wielding Devil Slayer; Declaring the Word of God and Taking Back What the Devil Stole from Me!}


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