Be Strong and Finish The Task

How to be strong and finish the task. Keys to victorious faith Inspirational blogMany of us may tend to give up when we do not see change in a situation we are believing God for. Or we may tend to lay down a ministry He has called us to because we listen to the voices in our head which tell us we were not called in the first place. I have been in these places in my life and I can tell you they are not where God wants us! (I share some of these stories in my book!)

In the book of Zechariah we see God encouraging His people to rebuild His Temple. For more than 15 years God had been using His prophets to urge the small remnant of Jews who had returned to Judah to rebuild the Temple AND their nation. God is a God of restoration! No matter where we have been or what we have done; He wants to restore us! But we, like the small group of exiles who had returned from Babylon, struggle and become discouraged over the opposition we face. We look at an impossible situation and ask how? What we must stay focused on is that our God is all-powerful and He CAN do ANYTHING! In Zechariah 8:6 God Himself says “All this may seem impossible to you…But is it impossible for me?”

I love how our Father God never gives up on us. He encourages us, loves us, and wants us to be victorious! In verse 9 of that same chapter He spoke to me some very profound words when I was “wondering how and when.” He said “Be strong and finish the task.” Here He was giving the Temple workers a little push and He was doing the same for me, and He wants to do that for you as well.

We tend to slow down, stop, or quit when we do not see something manifesting in the natural. We may allow little words of “well maybe I missed God,” or “maybe the timing is not now or it must not be God’s will.” Let me instruct you here and now, these are words from the enemy! God ALWAYS wants you to do something for Him. You are here to be His hands and feet. Think of this; if the apostle Paul would have used his circumstances to determine whether he had missed God or not, then Paul should have stopped at the first, second, or even the third time of opposition. God’s will for us to do something for Him and His Kingdom is not determined on anything in the natural. We are to walk by faith not by sight and trust that He IS God and we are His vessels. We are not to look at the lack of people responding to our ministry, whether we are too tired to go on, or the work is too hard, or when we don’t know what to do next, or there is not enough money. None of these or any other sense-realm circumstance is to determine what God can do and what He wants us to do for Him. We are to stand and know with God ALL things ARE possible and we are to be strong and finish the task for Him!

Know someone who is facing a storm they can’t seem to get out of? My book The Drying Pot; And The Refining Fires Necessary to Become a Vessel Used By God is a book of trials and triumphs!

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