Anointing By Association

A great blog on inspiration and equippingProverbs 27:19 “A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses.” Misery loves company and wants to be your life-long friend! People who are miserable want you to be miserable as well. We must realize  misery is contagious and we must avoid it like we do the flu! Proverbs 13:20, instructs us to “walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.” My youngest son says one thing which stuck with him which our pastor taught him growing up which was to look around at those who you associate with and you will know who you will eventually become. Statistics show us we can predict in 5 years where we will be just by looking currently at those we hang out with, what we read, and what we watch! Scary for some – right?

The doubting Thomas-es and those who always look at the glass as half empty are the ones you will eventually become like if you allow yourself to stay around them. I realize that everyone who is in your life who is negative cannot be cut out. Sometimes we have family members and co-workers who are negative and always see the worst of any situation. However you can control the influence you allow these naysayers to have on you. You can decided in the midst of chaos you are going to remain calm. You can decide to stand on what the Word of God promises and not what this world is telling you. People are always going to try and rain on your parade or tell you why this and that won’t work. You however must make the choice that you will not be drowned  in their sea of complaints. You have a choice so use it!

As a mom so many times I spend each day while my family is gone straightening up my home by picking up everyone else’s junk, only to find that I have to start again the next day picking up juice boxes, moving shoes to the proper room, and cleaning up late night snack dishes that never seem to make it to the kitchen. I have a choice; I can choose to continue to go through this repetitive routine  each and every day or I can choose to put a stop to it. You have the same choice when someone wants to “mess up” your day or thoughts with all their junk! Choose to talk about something you can do to change the life of someone else or how great and wonderful our Heavenly Father and His promises are! Remember those who are always complaining are the ones who drain you. Steering clear of those toxic people is very important. Make the choice to cut off the negative and rise above where those people want you to be. Start pursuing those who are like minded with you. Choose to seek God for people who can bring you up to another level instead of constantly draining you.

You should be seeking the Holy Spirit daily for the anointing you need to be the spouse, parent, employee, student, etc. God has called you to be. God wants to anoint you for the task you have at hand, but His anointing will have a hard time working when you are so caught up by what you see and hear. Your responsibility is to daily spend time with your Heavenly Father and refresh your spirit man and ask for the anointing needed. Spend time reading the Word of God and find a promise in there which you need to stand on for your life. Then do not listen to the negative people who say anything which is contrary to the Word of God. His Word is final and you must allow yourself to be consumed with Him and His promises; not those who look at the natural and only see the worst in a situation.

{Want more devotions? I’m A Sword Wielding Devil Slayer; Declaring the Word of God and Taking Back What the Devil Stole from Me!}

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