Running Ahead of God

When we run ahead of God. Keys to victorious faithGod has important work for us to do for Him, however it is very important that we do this work by the power of the Holy Spirit. Often we get excited about something God has told us we will do for Him and we run on ahead of Him without waiting to find out the details of His instructions. We must remember we need God’s timing and power to be truly effective. Waiting on the Holy Spirit to empower us is vital. We must learn to pray, refuse, and trust.

Our first step in anything should be prayer. We must not allow ourselves to start making a “To-Do List” of what we need to get done. I for one am a list maker, when I have a huge task ahead of me I make list after list of who, what, where, when, why, and how! However, this is not the time for list making; this is the time to be spent on our knees seeking God’s specific instructions – and sometimes our instruction is to wait – even after He just told us something He wants us to do!

Jesus is always our example on how to deal with a situation; right after He was baptized and was to begin His ministry here on the earth He went to the desert to be alone with the Father and seek the Father’s will. If Jesus knew the value of prayer then we should too. To know the Father’s will Jesus had to pray, therefore we must pray to know God’s will. Philippians 4:6 clearly states, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Clearly we are told in everything to pray!

The next step is to refuse all outside influences. When I find something new and exciting I have people I run to and share my news. I text my children when I find a new fact in the Bible, I tweet those on Twitter when God speaks a word into my spirit, and I run to my friends when I have found a great sale on a new pair of must have shoes! We all love to “share” our finds and thoughts especially in this age of social networking – we update our status about any and everything! However, we must resist the urge to post or tell everything God has given to us. When we do this we begin to get the “go for it sister” comments or the “you can’t do that” from those who “have been there, done that!” When we hear one bit of negative we will start doubting we even heard from God and this will cause us to never do what God intended, or we will ignore the negative and go with those encouraging us; seeing that as a sign to run towards the finish line when God never sound the gun to start the race. Our responsibility when God tells us something  to do is seek Him and His will in our prayer closet and wait for His specific instructions without “sharing” until He gives us the go ahead to do so.

Finally we must trust the Holy Spirit. Once we have spent time in prayer and refused the urge to share with the world before God allows us, we must stand and trust that what He has called us to do He will be faithful to bring it to completion (1 Thessalonians 5:24, Philippians 1:6) Derek Prince once said “You will only succeed in your calling and God won’t permit you to succeed anywhere else because he wants you where he’s called you.” This is so true but you and I must determine we are going to trust God to take us where He wants us. For us to trust God we must surrender our ideas, agendas, and future into His very capable hands. We have all been in situations where we say we trust God however when the fire starts to heat up we are rebuking every devil within a mile only to find it is not the work of the enemy at all, but the hand of our Heavenly Father who is preparing us in the midst of our refining fires. We fall into thinking God has left us, or is unhappy with us, or even we missed what He said in the first place because the natural is producing a place we do not like. This is the time we must trust Him the most. It is easy to trust when all the pieces fall into place, it is hard to trust when we are feeling out of control. When we feel out of control this is most likely the very time God is working. He is working on us, in us, and even pulling stuff out of us in order for us to be able to fulfill this calling. Trust means walking by faith; and faith is not knowing what is ahead yet stepping out with a blindfold on. The great thing is though we are “blindfolded” we have the Holy Spirit holding our hand and leading the way – we just have to let Him lead!

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