Worship With Gladness

god-do-it-again-coverPsalm 100:2  “Worship the Lord with gladness.”

How do we worship the Lord with gladness?

Gladness according to the Webster Dictionary means: “characterized by or showing cheerfulness, joy, or pleasure, as looks or utterances.” So we are to worship the Lord by showing cheerfulness, joy or pleasure. And we are to worship the Lord with looks or utterances; our speaking out.

Our Father in Heaven wants us to worship Him by being glad, being joyful, and speaking out the gladness we have for Him and for what we has given to us in our lives; what He has so graciously given us. If we were to look at Deuteronomy 28: 47 it tells us that because the Israelites did not serve the LORD their God with joy and a glad heart for all God had done, curses were to fall upon them. Our Father wants us to worship Him and thank Him for all He has done for us!

We are to think on, and list all those things we are grateful for; every little thing. I challenge you today to use this whole day to thank on the goodness that your Father has given you. As you move throughout your day, stop and thank Him. Choose to shut off the radio on your commute. Choose to take time in your lunch hour or break to think on those things. From the smallest to the biggest, use this day to worship Him with gladness!

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2 thoughts on “Worship With Gladness

  1. Cascia @ Healthy Moms January 13, 2013 at 1:30 AM

    I just found your blog on Twitter Moms and I love it! I think we may have a few things in common. I hope we can keep in touch. Take care!


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