Honoring Your Feelings

Honor your feeling by journalingDo you speak up and share your feelings when you are happy, sad, angry, hurt? Most of us do not; especially if we want to avoid confrontation. Or for me most of the time I wish I had kept quiet however, your feelings are valid and though you want to avoid an argument you still need to have your feelings heard. You need to do what I like to call Honor your feelings. By honoring your feelings it allows you to resolve inner struggles and needs. When you hold those feelings in it only makes them stronger by stuffing them down, which in return leads to low self-esteem. It sends a message to you, that you and your feelings are not important or worthy of being heard.

How do you honor your feelings even when keeping quiet is the better choice? Journaling!

Journaling is a great way to process your emotions and to honor how you are feeling. Honoring your feelings means that you are open to knowing them because some feelings are so overwhelming it may take courage to face them.  And most importantly by honoring your feelings, you allow those feelings to surface and be heard and being heard is what we want anyway right? And a great part of being heard is that it brings about healing – even physical healing.

Journaling lets you speak up – to yourself, so write it down and let it go! {cue music Let it go, let it go…..}

 honoring your feelings journal

One of my favorite journals to use. click to view it!

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