The Books

Sandra Hersey. Christian Author. Inspirational BlogAs a Christian author I like to use my practical life teachings to bring other into the fullness God has for  them. In my first book, The Drying Pot: And the Refining Fire Necessary to Become a Vessel Used by God” I share personal lessons of my family’s life and the trials we have face, and how we used Biblical insights to endure and come out victoriously!
My second book, “Help! I’m Alone With My Mind! A Guide To Having Victory Over Your Thoughts” has proven to be my best seller. I share how your thoughts controls your life. After reading this book you will go deeper into this life-changing message where I will show you through practical Bible application how to line your thoughts up with God’s thoughts.
My newest book, “I’m A Sword Wielding Devil Slayer” ! The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. Jesus used this spiritual weapon when tempted by Satan in the desert. Each time Satan attempted to deliver a blow, Jesus blocked the attack with the Word of God by quoting scripture. This 40 day devotional will teach you how to pierce through the lies and deceptions of the enemy and how to use your Sword and take back what the devil has stolen from you!