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Shake It Off And Step Up!

shake it off when facing tough situations. Keys to victorious faith blog

Are you facing a difficult situation right now? Life can be overwhelming at times. Today I want to share a lighthearted video with you on how to shake it off.

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Becoming A Person Of Unwavering Faith

How to Become A Person Of Unwavering FaithAs Christians we must be a people of unwavering faith – faith that is not compromised by what we see in this world, but a faith that trusts completely and totally what God says in His Word! The mother of Moses was such a person.

We are not told much about this woman; but her story is important because it shows how God respects and honors people of unwavering faith!

Hebrews 11:23, “By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict.”

To protect Moses from Pharaoh’s command that every male Hebrew child be killed, Moses mother, Jochebed placed Moses in an ark of safety and sent him down the Nile river. After Pharaoh’s daughter discovered the baby Jochebed became his nurse. The writer of Hebrews places Jochebed in the Lord’s “Hall of Fame” gallery as a “Hero of the Faith!”

We see the quiet strength that comes from unwavering faith unfold in her life! We see her faith unfold as a mother: defying Pharaoh’s command, unafraid of the king’s power, trusting God to protect her baby, placing the child in a basket on the Nile River – knowing that He that is in her, is greater than he that is in the world! Jochebed loved God; and that love gave her strength to walk by faith in what seemed like an impossible situation!

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Faith and obedience are bound up in the same bundle. He that obeys God trusts God; and he that trusts God obeys God. He that is without faith is without works: and, he that is without works is without faith.”

It is hard to trust what you cannot see, but that my friend is what trust is all about. The definition of trust is “a person on whom or thing on which one relies.” When we cannot see what is ahead we must come to rely on God, and by relying on Him we can give our situation to Him and allow Him to work it out! Trust is not going back over and over again worrying and fretting over the situation. If you are missing peace then you are not trusting God! Trust is a calm in the midst of a raging storm; knowing He is faithful to take care of what we give to Him. God wants you to live by the knowledge that He loves you and will help you, not living by head knowledge. Head knowledge is walking by sight, and anytime we are walking by sight we are out of faith.

One of my favorite scriptures is James 1:4, “But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing!”

I do not want any defects in my faith and I for one do not want to be lacking in anything, so as James says as you let the work be done first, then you will be lacking nothing!

The more you trust Jesus and keep your eyes focused on Him, the more your faith will grow! Then you will be at a place just as Moses’ mom was, a mother trusting God as she placed her newborn baby into a basket to float him down a river! Now that is trust for sure! When we trust, it brings life to our faith and rest to our situation!

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How to Endure the Hardship You Are Facing

How to Endure the Hardship You Are Facing. Keys to victorious faith. Inspirational blog

I speak to people every day in person and through the internet who are facing situations they do not feel they can endure. The problem is most of the time Christians seem shocked at the trials they face. Their most asked question is why?  You must understand when you face a trial (and you will) that you must keep focused on the end of your challenge, not on the challenge itself. Your joy will be complete, the book of James instructs you, as you overcome your situation. You must hold on to your faith and not doubt the promises God has already give you! You will have victory IF you do not give up!

James instructs us that genuine faith transforms lives. We are to put our faith into action when we are faced with a trial. It’s easy to say we have faith until the “rubber meets the road” so to speak. Then the truth comes out. James gave us great tools to help us  face our trials and tribulations head on. The book of James is our how-to book, or let’s say our 4 step program to obtaining victory!

Step 1: You must remain faithful to the end no matter how hard your trial is.

Our true character is revealed when pressure is applied. We must see each trial as an opportunity to grow into the person God wants us to be. How many times have you stood at an altar in prayer and said, “God use me, I want to be a vessel for you, change me God.” Then the minute a trial comes we are rebuking every devil within a mile, when all the time it is God doing exactly what you have asked for – He IS using you, He is using this trial to work in you things He needs. And He is working out of you things He does not need; so “you” don’t get in the way! Now before you are ready to stop reading hold on there is a  great reward when you choose not to give up during your difficult times – you will lack NOTHING in the end! (James 1:4).

Step 2: As you stand strong and endure you WILL become stronger instead of weaker.

James says you must remain positive (righteous) during difficult times; he says you must “Consider it wholly joyful” (James 1:2). As you begin to remain positive and focus on the end and not the wind from the storm around you, you will begin to gain strength (James 1:3).  Let’s face it trials are not fun and they are hard. But as we endure the trial we will become a stronger person. Athletes who only want to compete against the weaker opponents may win trophies, but they are not getting any better as an athlete. A strong opponent is what makes them stronger and do better. So as we remain faithful to the end we will be stronger and better when it is all over!

Step 3. You must seek God and godly wisdom.

By seeking God you will be given the ability to make right choices during these trials (James 1:5). Difficulties will come but when you are faced with them you must without a doubt expect God to guide you through all your situations (James 1:6-8). He has already given you in His Word every answer you need. You must take the time to seek out what He has given you and stand on it. You must use the Word of God to determine how you will react. Notice verse 6 “it must be in faith that he asks with no wavering (no hesitating, no doubting).” This verse is talking about YOU! You must not waver, hesitate or doubt! You ask in faith and believe God WILL come through for you! Then you will be rewarded for maintaining your faith through your trial (James 1:12).

Step 4. Above all you ARE a conqueror through Christ Jesus! You are His prized possession and you will be given the strength to endure.

You are a gift from God through Jesus Christ. He keeps His promises and He wants you to enjoy life as you endure your difficulties (James 1:16-18). There are going to be trials and tribulations, temptations, and fear. But as we successfully overcome these adversities we become mature and of strong character. We must pray for wisdom as we endure. When we can finally embrace our human weakness and rely on God’s strength to overcome our trials and tribulations, God’s strength becomes our strength.

{Know someone who is facing hard times? The Drying Pot; And The Refining Fires Necessary To Become A Vessel Used By God}

How To Get Out of The Storm!

How to get out of the storm

Life is always full of storms, trials, and tribulations. We were told they would come while we are here on this earth, however as children of God we have the peace of knowing Jesus overcame them {John 16:33}! The Bible also instructs us the storms would come more frequently as the End Times approached as birth pains {Matthew 24:8}. But you can weather these storms in peace by keeping your eyes on Jesus knowing you are safe.

At this moment where are your eyes? Your physical eyes are focused on one area but you also have spiritual eyes. Remember – depending on which eyes you are looking with,  that is what you are going to focus on, and it will be what you believe!

Spiritual eyes don’t see the problem or focus on the crisis. It walks and talks faith! For without faith it is impossible to please God {Hebrews 11:6}! Faith sees Jesus and focuses on Him – spiritual eyes see Jesus and focuses on Him!

You can look at your crisis, your medical report, problems in your relationship and be overwhelmed by worry, fear, and doubt. Or you can see with your spiritual eyes; you can see with faith, and feel assured, confident, safe, and at peace knowing that you are CARVED in the palm of your Heavenly Father’s Hand {Isaiah 49:16}!

Looking at King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20, we can all learn something important from him. The King understood one very important thing we can use today – where to look.

A massive army was coming to destroy Israel and King Jehoshaphat had no idea what to do. His natural eyes saw disaster on the horizon. “We have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us,” he told God, “nor do we know what to do. But, our eyes are upon You.” {2 Chronicles 20:12 } God gave Israel the victory the very next day AND they never had to fight!

That’s the kind of victory I want today! And you and I CAN have it! We need to see with your spiritual eyes and have our eyes on what God can do! We may even have to pray as Jehoshaphat did: “I don’t know what to do—but my eyes are fixed on You.”

Notice too that the King sent praisers out ahead of the army. We too must praise God in the midst of our storm. We need to thank God for His goodness in advance! “Praise the Lord,” they sang, “For His mercy endures forever!”

When you don’t know how to pray or how to ask God for help and your situation is too big for you- praise the Lord! Thank Him for His goodness and the blessings you’ve already received. Thank Him in faith, believing He is going to help you! Then watch and see what He does for you just as He did for Israel!

Bloom Away!!!!

Sandra Hersey A Christian Inspirational Blog

“I will bless the person who puts his trust in me. He is like a tree growing near a stream and sending out roots to the water. It is not afraid when hot weather comes, because its leaves stay green; it has no worries when there is no rain; it keeps on bearing fruit. – Jeremiah 17:7-8

I am sure you have heard many different people talk about blooming where you are planted. Well today I am no exception. I have people always ask me what to do in tough situations or what do I think God’s will is for them. I feel it always comes back to the same thing; do what you can do now for God – bloom where you are planted!

God the Father is an amazing father; he never abandons His children (Joshua 1:5). However, when things fail to turn out as we have planned, we begin to question the Lord and His leading. But as His children we should not be led by our circumstances. We, because we know how to behave, should make the most of our circumstance while standing on the Word of God.

In Acts 27 we see the apostle Paul’s voyage to Rome. This journey was slow and difficult; the winds were blowing persistently finally the vessel landed in a place called lee in Crete. Paul warned the crew that they were going to be in great danger, however Paul’s advice was not followed. As a result, the storm-beaten vessel drifted aimlessly for fourteen whole days. Paul was saved by the narrowest margin as he swam ashore holding on to a piece of wreckage. He could have chosen at that moment to think God had completely forgotten about him, but he knew God had not.

Paul was not disheartened by this life-threatening struggle. As they were sailing on the rough seas, he urged his companions to take heart and assured them several times they would be kept safe according to the Lord. The three months stay on the island became very fruitful. As he had done before, Paul proclaimed the message of God and performed many miracles there (Acts 28:1-10).

In another occasion, Paul was imprisoned while he wrote to the Philippians. The hardships Paul faced did not alarm him. His goal was to preach the Gospel and he did not question his goal even though he had been arrested. He bloomed where he was planted and proclaimed the message of the Gospel to his captors (Philippians 1:12-14)!

We are to trust the Lord. We are not to be in despair when our plans fail or when our life abruptly changes direction. We are to know that God is in control as long as we allow Him to be. We are to stand on the promises He has already given to us; knowing He never let’s His words turn back to Him empty (Isaiah 55:11). Our responsibility is to trust Him no matter what it looks like and we are to be like Paul and make the most of the situation and bloom for God right where He has planted us.

What are you facing right now that has you feeling as if you are being tossed to and fro? Find the promise in the Word of God that He has already given you and stand on that promise! Then bloom right where God has you, it may feel like a pile of manure but we all know manure is only fertilizer, so bloom away!