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If It’s Not Present Tense It’s Not Faith!

If our words and thoughts are not Present Tense then It is Not FaithThere are so many who do not truly understand what Faith really is. Now when I talk about faith I am not talking about our faith in Jesus; that He is the son of God , died, was buried and rose again and is now seated at the right hand of God making intercession for us his children. That is all true but I am talking about faith for the impossible. Believing God to make an impossible situation possible!

Faith is taking hold of something we do not see and bringing into reality. Most people read Mark 11:24 where Jesus himself declared “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” They say “ok I can ask for whatever I need and then I will receive it.” But hold on, there is a missed step. Jesus said whatever you ask for BELIEVE you received it , notice that the word received is past tense, so Jesus was telling us- when we ask we must ALREADY believe we have received it and then He said it WILL be yours.

I have ministered to so many people who see this and get excited about it. Then I listen to them talk to me later -while they are standing in faith waiting for it to come to pass -Their words tell me a lot of the time they are not in faith but they are hoping. When we say “Lord I hope you will do this for me” we are NOT in faith. Remember we are to have a NOW Faith – as in Hebrews 11:1, when we are hoping we are saying it may be coming sometime in the future, but the Word of God tells us to have faith for right now and Jesus said believe you have RECEIVED – that is – it is already done!

We need to make sure we are not saying “I hope God will do this, I prayed for Him to do it, I know the Word of God says He can and will, but I hope He will.” – That is NOT faith. We do not receive anything from God through hope, it is by faith that we please him and receive from Him.

Remember prayer changes circumstances but prayer does not change God. He is always the same and that means if He said ask, believe, and you WILL receive – then it will happen. But we must do our part. And He plainly tells us what our part is: ask, believe you received, and then He will do His part and bring it to pass.

We cannot substitute hope for faith and get answers from God. He gave us His word to lead us, every situation you need an answer to is in the Word of God. It is your instruction manual for life. But we must read His Word, know what it says we must do, know what it says we can have, and know the steps we are to take in order to get what we desire.

Now I know that some of you are thinking about hope in the Bible – that hope is the Blessed Hope. The Blessed Hope of the church is the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the saved dead, the rapture of the living saints, and the hope of heaven and the hope of seeing our loved ones and friends. That is the Blessed hope.

But when we say “I hope the Lord will help me financially or I hope the Lord will heal me or I hope the Lord will deliver me,” the word hope is misplaced. We are not to hope Jesus will do anything because His word already said He will or He already has, so we are to have faith in His word, that what it says IS true. We are to have faith in God that He is not a liar and if He said He would do something -He will, but we must make sure we are praying and acting according to the Word.

If our prayers don’t seem to be working then we need to check ourselves. What are we saying, what scripture are we standing on, how much time with the Father are we spending, are we walking in love? We have a part to play in all of this, we can’t just say, “well whatever I ask for Jesus said I can have it,.” Yes He did, but we have steps to take first.

We need to check our words, when we say “I hope God will,” or “sometime God will do this” or “God is going to do something,” those are not words of faith and assureity that God is faithful to do what He said He would. Faith says it is mine and I have it now, no matter what it looks like in the natural, no matter what my 5 senses are telling me, I walk by faith I do not look at what I see, hear, taste, touch or smell! My 5 senses will not lead me, my circumstance will not lead me. I have it by faith!

But as long you are hoping and speaking God is going to do whatever you are desiring -your desire will not come to pass until you get over into faith and believe what God said He would do, believe it is already happened the minute you asked for it.

In John 4:43-50 the royal official son’s was close to death and this man had heard of Jesus and goes to him begging him to heal his son. He knew Jesus could do this obviously or he would not have gone to Him. But I love what verse 50 says about the man when Jesus told him to go, his son will live verse 50 says, “ The man took Jesus at his word and departed.” That is faith, this man did not say, “No Jesus you must come and lay hands on him, no come and make sure he is not dead.” Remember verse 47 said he begged Jesus, get this picture, this man’s son is close to being dead and he is begging Jesus to come and heal him. However, when Jesus said your son will live this man could not see if his son was dead or not, he had nothing but Jesus words that said your son will live, and he took Jesus at his word.
The Bible is the Word of God, it is Jesus words, we must read what it says about sickness and disease, what is says about lack and poverty, what is says about restoration and we must be like this royal official and take Jesus at His word! If it says we are healed and we have restoration, and we are not to live in poverty and he is our provider then we must take Him at his word – THAT is faith!

YOUR Faith gives the substance to the things you desire, hope does not have any substance. Listen to this translation of Hebrews 11:1 “ faith is the warranty deed….. is at last yours.” A warranty deed is a type of deed where the seller guarantees that he holds clear title and has a right to sell it! So get this – Your Faith is your warranty deed, your faith says you hold clear title to what you are believing for and you have rights to it!! Remember hope is future tense, and if you’re talking is not present tense you are NOT in faith.

We need to say Lord, “I believe I receive my finances, now, I believe I receive my healing now, I believe I receive my deliverance now,!” Whatever your desire thank Him for it and tell Him you believe you receive it in NOW! You are to praise Him and thank Him in advance daily until you see it come to pass in the natural KNOWING it has already come to pass in the spirit realm!

You can hope for your finances to come but faith gives you the assurance that you will have it! Your faith gives you the assurance! No matter what your desire is Jesus said YOUR faith gives you the assurance!

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How to unleash your faith and change your situation!

How much faith do I need? Keys to victorious faith Inspirational blog

Lately I have gotten a flood of emails regarding those who are concerned about their future. I even picked up my local newspaper this weekend and read a letter sent into a minister asking “why?” Why seems to be the word I hear repeatedly. Why is this happening in my life? Why is God not doing something? This takes us right where the Word of God is and tells us that “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) Notice first it says NOW faith, that is faith for the right now, whatever your right now is…. Healing, finances, restoration of a relationship. Whatever you need right now – you have to have NOW faith. Second notice it says faith is the substance. The word substance according to the dictionary means the essential part of a thing. So this is saying Now faith is the essential part of a thing hoped for. It is essential you have faith. Without faith the word says it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6) Why? I have often thought about that. Why is it impossible to please God without faith? Simply because if you do not have faith to believe, how can you even believe He exists? How can you believe all that Jesus did for you on Calvary? If you read the entirety of that scripture it says “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” God rewards our faith and rewards us as we diligently seek him. Our faith is the substance we have which brings about what we are hoping for. We must have faith in what God will do!  The Bible talks about faith over and over again hundreds of times. “According to your faith will it be done to you” (Matthew 9:29) “Have faith in God,” (Mark 11:22) “he had faith to be healed.” (Acts 14:9) are just a very fraction of examples.

Jesus told us in Matthew 7:20 “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Very simply He tells us “if” you have faith of a mustard seed. Do you know how small a mustard seed is- it is very tiny, about one-sixteenth in diameter! Now that is small! But Jesus said that is all the faith you need to move a mountain. So what is a mountain? Anything in your life you need moved! So if your faith is one sixteenth in diameter as the mustard seed Jesus Himself said even with the tiny amount of faith all you have to do is what? SAY MOVE!!!! And Jesus said if you have this small amount of faith and “Say” move then NOTHING will be impossible for you! Nothing! Now lets don’t miss the important points here. First I know you have faith that small because you believe God is your father right? So that is established you have faith (plus Romans 12:3 tells us God has given every person “the measure of faith” they need!) So the faith part is done, ok now all that is left for you and I to do is – say! We are to speak to our situation! Tell it to move and with our tiny bit of faith believing that God is taking care of it! When we believe and speak Jesus said NOTHING is impossible! NOTHING and Jesus does not lie! Also notice the picture above, that is a mustard tree! That small seed grew that big tree. Your small seed of faith can grow into something that large – larger than your situation!

But let’s go back to the “why” questions I have been hearing so much. Child of God you and I must always remember the Word works – ALL the time! However we must work the word. How much? Day in and day out. Think about this, how much do you go to work? 20, 40, 60 hours a week? Let’s just use the small amount here 20 hours a week. Now how much time do you “work” the Word? How much time a week do you and I continually declare in faith and speak the Word of God over our situation and tell the “mountain” to move? If we are not spending time in our Word, and spending time with our Father every day equal to other things in our lives, then how can we even say the Word does not work. Or faith does not work. When we put in equal time with working the Word over our lives that we do working to obtain money for our bills, then we will see some great changes come!

All our Father wants is for us to know Him and His word and stand on it. The Word of God is our instruction manual on how to get out of the situation we are in. We have it here for us, but we must read it and apply it to our lives to see change come. Faith will remain useless and powerless unless we exercise it all day every day. We must get the Word in our mouths and work it until the situation changes. That is what faith is; believing and speaking until it changes.

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Step Out and Let Go!

How to step out and let go. Keys to victorious faith Inspirational Blog

As we travel through life we all sooner or later reach the crossroads in our path where we must decide which course we will choose; whether we will boldly blaze a pathway to a whole new level of achievement and happiness, taking a chance on making our lives everything we have dreamed they could be or instead we can simply choose to stay right where we are right now. The choice is ours. So many people wonder “what is my purpose, what does God have me here for? Do I step out in faith towards what I believe God is calling me to? In these defining moments we are faced with a choice; will we choose to make all of those cherished dreams we hold close to our hearts come true or will we allow them to sadly slip from our grasp? One thing I know for sure is; we must step out in faith and be willing and ready to let go of some things in order to grasp what is ahead. We must show the courage to take charge and step into the promising future that is there for the taking, pushing ourselves well beyond our present boundaries or we will end up giving into fear and self-doubt and let the life we could have and should have lived pass us by!

We all know what faith is according to Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” But what we forget to recognize is the fact that faith must be walked out – and talked out! We cannot stand still and walk in faith; we cannot have faith without speaking it out of our mouths. When we are standing at the crossroads faced with do I step out and do this, or do I stay right here where I am and believe God will change it – you had better step out! God wants us to move and step out, trusting him, believing him. We however want 5 signs from God, all the “t’s” crossed and the “I’s” dotted, when God just wants us to have the faith to let go and step out!

I am always asked “yes but what if” “what if I mess it up, or what if I am wrong, or what if…..” This is always my answer, if you have sought God, spent time in the Word with him concerning this matter, sought Godly counsel, then you have done all that you are supposed to do, now the choice is yours, the crossroad is yours to decide. You must step out or stand still, but remember there is nothing you can mess up so badly that God cannot fix. He is after your heart! If you step out in faith knowing that you trust him, he will honor your actions. Even if we mess it up, he can fix it up.

The choice is ours; do we stay where we are or do we let go of some things and step out in faith, trusting our Father to lead us.

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