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God said Go; But I Like it HERE!

How many times do we want to be used of God yet we are afraid to step out when He gives us certain instructions? He tells us to “go ye into all the world.” He even told Abram to get up and go. Go is a word which moves us to action. I’m even venturing to say the word “go” may also sound something like “remove,” “stop,” or “let go.” God commanded Abram “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.” (Genesis 12:1). Abram obeyed God for a promise of greater blessing. God tells us to “go” however, in order for us to go we must leave some places, people, and maybe even some things! God did not ask Abram to go, remove, and let go of his father’s family and what he currently had just to keep things from him. God had a better plan and better purpose for his life. Think of this: because of his obedience to God’s command the nation of Israel came from Abram AND Jesus Christ came through Abram’s family tree! Can you imagine that kind of call on your life! When given the command Abram had a choice between setting out for parts unknown or staying right where he was – where the comfort level was just fine! He was faced with a choice of security or uncertainty. All he really had to go on was God’s command and promise to bless him.

You and I my friend are faced with exactly the same thoughts and feelings Abram had! He was just as human as we are, with the same thoughts, fears, and emotions. Abram had no idea the effect his obedience would play on this earth – even today! YOU have no idea what God is asking you to do which will effect others  – even years down the road! We must realize that if we allow our comfort zone to lead us we will miss what God has for us – as well as for others! Remember God will never ask you to do something you can’t d0. You might not want to do it or even know how to do it; but if He asks you to do something or remove someone out of your life, or even go somewhere, He has already put in you the ability to do what He requests!

I know our comfort zone and fear keep us from doing what we are asked to do. Even when we are asked to let go of someone or something. This fear is our flesh rearing it’s ugly head. But remember God wants you to use what He has already given you. He created you – so just use what you have. Push through the fear and watch Him take over once you step out in faith. The woman in Luke 7:38 was memorialized by Jesus HIMSELF  in Mark 14:9! He said she would be remembered, why? Because she did an amazing feat? Because she lead millions to the Lord? Because she went into a foreign country and served? NO! Jesus said she would be remembered and discussed wherever the Good News is preached because  “She has done what she could…” ( verse 8 ). Your Heavenly Father is not asking you to do any more than you can. Will you have to face some fears and get out of your comfort zone – yes! Settle it in your heart that you will do what God asks you to do, no matter what your flesh, family, friends, or circumstances are telling you! I am sure Abram’s family had some opinions when he was going away. Can you hear them? “Where are you going Abram, what will you do?” To Abram’s reply, “I have no idea, God just said go!” Can you hear the family arguments there? I think a family meeting was called don’t you! What about the woman with the alabaster box? The disciples of Jesus; the very ones who should be encouraging others and helping them “do what they can” were criticizing her for what she was doing! (Mark 14: 4-5). Does this sound like some people of the church today? Someone is serving how they can and that’s not enough or the right way?

You have a plan and a purpose in which God wants to use YOU! He wants to ask YOU to do what you can for Him, so His work can get done. You do have a choice my friend on what to do. Abram had a choice and so did the woman with the precious oil. The question remains will you get uncomfortable and push past the fear and nay-sayers? Will you say “Yes Lord here I am!” He is not asking you to do anything that He has not already set up and equipped you to do. He will not let you slip, fall, or fail (Psalm 55:22). Why would He? He needs you! Are you willing to do what you can and allow Him to do the rest? Ask Him now what He desires of you and then rely on The Holy Spirit to help you do what you can!

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