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Unexpected Opportunities Coming Your Way

Sandra Hersey Live Life Out Loud keys to Vic

My favorite scripture is Romans 4:17 “…and calleth those things which be not as though they were.” My second favorite scripture is “…and suddenly!”

How many times in the Word do we read about “and suddenly” situations? In Exodus 2 we read about Moses’ birth and how his sister Miriam had hidden in the reeds along the Nile River to watch over the basket containing her 3 month old baby brother who should be killed according to the orders of Pharaoh! As Pharaoh’s daughter sees the crying baby in the basket and knows this child needs a mother to nurse him, Miriam sees an opportunity – there was an “and suddenly” about to take place in the life of baby Moses and his family! Miriam saw an opportunity to approach the Pharaoh’s daughter and offer to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the child – she would go and fetch his own mother to be reunited with her tiny son!

Special opportunities may come our way unexpectedly. We must not let the fear of what might happen cause us to miss an opportunity God has planned for us. We need to be alert and fully prepared for the opportunities God has for us and be ready to take full advantage of them. How do we prepare ourselves for something we do not know is coming?

By spending time each day with our Father and getting to know Him and His voice. We read His Word and seek His face. We spend time praying – not our: help me, bless me, do for me prayers – but our: Father I seek your will, I declare your Word over my life and my situations, and I stand on your promises which are full truth! As we take the time to do this, we will grow into the women God wants us to be and we will be ready when he does an “and suddenly” in our lives.