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The Words You Say Paints Pictures

sandrahersey.orgAs women one of the biggest challenges we seem to face is our self-image. We may feel we are too fat, too skinny, our hair is not as long or as straight or as curly. We look at other women when we go to the mall or to church and we desire to look like them. We desire to have their hands, their hair, their hips, and their stomachs {or should I say lack of a stomach lol}. We as women are plagued with self-image issues at every turn in our day.

God wants and desires for us to have a healthy self-image of ourselves. He wants us to know that He has made us fearfully and wonderfully. He has a plan for us and they are the reason He placed us here on this earth. However we do not always complete our plan and purpose because of our self-image. We can feel God wants us to preach His word from a pulpit but if we do not feel as if we are capable we will not even try. He may want us to be the head of a department or of own our own company, but if we do not see how we can take on these challenges we will become a shrinking violet; never living up to the image God has of us. Romans 4:17 tells us that He “…calls things that are not as though they were.” If he has called you to minister from a pulpit than even before you ever arrive there He is already calling you a minister. And even before you become the department head or head of your company He is already calling you the head of the department or the owner of that company. Before it happens in the natural God Almighty is and has already been calling you whatever He created you to be.

God has given us in His Word principles that we must follow in order for us to make changes in our lives; a change in our inner image of ourselves. That first principle started back in Genesis the first chapter when God knew what it was that He was going to create. He had an inner image of what He wanted THEN he spoke it into existence and THEN it manifested itself on the outside. He took the principle of the inner image he wanted and then He added His faith to it by the power of His words and then the manifestation of His image came into existence. You and I have that same power! I am not talking about a “positive self-image, just think it and it will happen” kind of stuff. I am talking about getting the image into your mind, speaking the Word of God over it, believing that it will come to pass and then see it in the natural. We have to mix the Word of God with our faith and then we will see change. How do we do that? By renewing our minds. The Word tells us to daily renew our minds. And as we renew our minds we are transformed by the Word of God and our self-image changes. We being to believe we have the mind of Christ, we begin to believe we are fearlessly and wonderfully made. And we speak the Word of God into our lives, into our bodies, into our finances, into our relationships. Then and only then will we see things change in our lives, in our bodies, in our finances, and in our relationships. Faith plus the Word of God equals manifestation.

Our words we speak are powerful. Proverbs 18:21 tells us “…that death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Therefore what we speak can bring about life or death to our bodies, our self-image, or finances, and our relationships. We have that much power! Jesus Christ has given us that much power! Words can destroy or create and those very same words project an image to the outside world we live in. What are our words projecting to the world? Do we say and keep our minds on our bodies by saying we are too skinny or too fat? If we do then being too skinny or too fat is what is being projected to the world and in return that is what we have in the natural. If we are speaking and focusing our minds on being broke, then in return we are projecting being broke to the outside world.

When we change our words to line up with the Word of God we begin to change our faith. When we change our faith with our words, our faith and our words produce the end result that God desires and we desire. God only wants good things for us. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” How much better can it be! Plans to give us hope and a future and prosper us! God IS a good God!

We must change the image we have set in our minds. Pictures are formed in our minds; that is how our minds work. When you say any word a picture will come into your mind’s eye. Try it…. I say the word “hot.” What did your mind see? I saw flames! You may have seen flames or something else, but I promise you that you saw a picture, you did not see the spelling of the world H-O-T, you saw a picture; an image. We must change the images we have in our minds. When we think fat or skinny, it forms an image. When we think broke or poor; that creates and image. Instead we are the get into the Word of God and renew our minds, renew the images in them. So when we see ourselves we see healthy, wealthy, and wise women of God. Mighty and strong and loving women of God. We need to change our minds picture of who we think we are into who God says we are according to His word. Then we are to speak out with power and faith the image we want. Call things that are not as though they are, just like our Father does. Ephesians 5:1 says that we are to ” …be imitators of God (Copy Him and follow His example)” He only calls you and I good things, and we are to imitate what we see Him do.

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How Do You Talk To Yourself?

How Do You Talk To Yourself? Keys to victorious faith. Inspirational BlogHow do you talk to yourself?

Do you use the words “can’t”, “won’t”, “don’t need to”, “why try?”  Many people do.

Do you find that what you say to yourself turns out to be true? Why is this?

You see your brain is like a computer that you feed each day. It
doesn’t always know what’s real or not unless you tell it.

Example: If someone you love has hurt you, you may tell yourself that all people who love you will probably hurt you too.

Your brain just files this information for reference, its data, little zeroes and ones and no column that asks “true or not true?” Now your brain thinks, based on what you told it, that everyone you’ll ever love will hurt you.

How do you think you will respond the next time you get hurt?


Now, what if we instead told our brain:

“Okay this person ripped my heart out – but that’s only one person.
I’m lovable and have many loving people in my life who are not out to hurt me. I know that the right people are coming into my life all the time. If someone hurts me, I will forgive them and bless them on their way.”

Words can be empowering.

I can
I love to
I want to
I will
I must
I am
We can reach a new level of living, if we feed ourselves empowering words and practice saying them until they become a habit.

I know first hand that it takes time.

And I also know that it’s worth it.

Use Empowering Words When You Talk to Yourself
{Whether you are speaking out loud or silently}

Try it for a week.

Catch yourself saying, “I can’t”, when you don’t really mean it and instead try, “I can”, and see how you think and feel about yourself.

Remember, the words you use to empower yourself will have a lasting effect, only if you practice them and they become a habit {an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed
until it has become almost involuntary}.

They say it takes at least 28 days to develop a habit. After a week, you will see that it becomes easier. It’s a mindset and you can control your thoughts. Be proactive and not reactive – give yourself some good words.

{From Motivating Moments}

Is this biblical you ask? They Word of God says,As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7. What you think about yourself and how  you talk about yourself is exactly who you will become – think about it! God made you wonderfully and fearfully {Psalm 139:14}! You deserve to talk about yourself as God would talk about you, and He would only talk good things about you! He made you because He loves you!

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