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A Schedule We Can’t See

Sandra Hersey Keys To Victorious Faith

In life we often wonder why our situation has not changed; even after we have declared the Word of God over it many times. Or we have been given a promise from God and have had many prophesies to reinforce the word given to us; but we are still waiting on that promise to be fulfilled.

God’s rescue does not always come the exact moment we want it to come. His ways are higher than our ways according to Isaiah 55:8. Throughout the book of Genesis we read where God had promised the Hebrew slaves He would bring them out of Egypt; however His people had to wait a long time to see His promise unfold, BUT God DID rescue them when He knew the right time had come.

We must trust in our Heavenly Father; He knows when the right time has come to fulfill a promise He has made to us. So many times in the Word we see where God has told someone He would do something, but it may have been years before that promise came to pass and a lot of times while they were waiting, it did not look like it would EVER come to pass. David was told he would be king, but he was hiding in caves and running from a crazy man in fear of his own life. Abraham was promised a son with his barren wife Sarah, only to finally receive that promise in Isaac, and have it look as if God was taking Isaac away when he told Abraham to sacrifice him. And the Hebrew children were told they would be delivered, all the while they worked hard under the hand of the Egyptian task masters.

Your promise you are standing on from your Father will come to pass; you must stand on it. Focus on where you are going and not on the journey you are taking. The journey is necessary to prepare you; it took Moses many years to become ready to serve God and deliver God’s people for Him. He had to be taken to a place where God could prepare him – the desert.

Do you feel as if you are in your desert waiting for your promise? Then allow God to prepare you right where you are; and to prepare you as He needs to. Then keep standing on the promise He has given to you. Remember our Heavenly Father has a schedule we cannot see; but He IS faithful!

When You Are Waiting on God For Your Breakthrough

When You Are Waiting on God For Your Breakthrough. Keys to victorious faith.

One of life’s lessons is to wait on God when you need a breakthrough! However, when we become impatient, frustrated, worried, or aggravated it is because we are trying to make something happen that only God himself can make happen. Joyce Meyer calls this “human energy attempting to do God’s job.”

How many times have you prayed and believed God for a breakthrough in your life to not see anything happen? I have many times. So what are we to do? How are we to act during this time of waiting?

Mark 4: 26-28 tells the story of the patient farmer. How do we know he is patient? Because the Word tells us he sowed his seed, then went away sleeping and rising! This does not sound like worrying and fretting to me. Then at the proper time the ground brings forth the promise of the seed – the harvest, the breakthrough! The Farmers job was to do what he knew to do: plant, sleep, rise and do his daily work, then allow the Lord of the Harvest to bring forth the promise.

Jesus was showing us how often we become impatient and try and get ahead of God. When God has given us a promise to stand on we want to know “God how are you going to do that? When are you going to bring it to pass? Verse 27 says “and then continues sleeping and rising night and day while the seed sprouts and grows and increases – he knows not how.” (Italic added) A farmer never knows exactly when his crop will come in, but he knows that it will. He does what he can and allows God to do the rest. We need to do the same thing. We are to believe we have a breakthrough coming, we sleep and rise and allow God to bring it about in due season. The farmer planted the seed believing for his return, his promise, his breakthrough and we are to do the same!

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