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Sandra Hersey. Christian Author. Inspirational Blog

“A MUST Read!” – Kerry – TN

“Sandra breaks down these spiritual nuggets down to their basics so it is easily digested into the mind and spirit of the spiritually discerning reader.” Amanda – OH

“Essential for your faith walk!” Veronica – OH

“You must get yourself a copy of this book. I read it and it stirred up my soul and gave me a higher perspective of how GOD works and how the outcome is always victorious!” Lee Amazon review
“Wow! I too now know I can go through my trial and come out the other side. Thanks for being so real Sandra!” Kim – CA

“Sandra I’m reading your book and you bring me to such truth and tears. THANK YOU!” Rose – AZ

“Sandra as soon as I started on the introduction I was crying. Thanks for sharing this book, what lessons from God!” April – NC

“Seriously changed how I see what God’s Word is for in my life. Applying it in my prayer time was something I had never done. Loved this books so much I reread it over and over several times this year. Georgia – TN

“I never realized how much I allowed my mind to be in control. Thank you Sandra for helping me learn how to think on the thoughts God has for me. I am very grateful for this book.” Helen – WI

“Who would have thought that my life would have turned out as it did? I felt so devastated and then your book was put into my hands! Thank you is not enough. June – IL

“A joy to read! Loved it so much I could not put it down!” Veronica – CA

“The last book I read of yours I thought was wonderful; then I read this book and was blown away! You always are so real and help bring the Word to where I am. Kelly – IN

“I have always loved your teaching the Word of God and now to have you come along with me every day in a book is just wonderful. Love you and love every book you have written.” Jill – FL

“I cannot express just how much your books help me. I am so excited about a devotional from you!” Holly – TX

“It took me three days to read this amazing book! I simply couldn’t put it down. When I tell you it will change how you think and approach life with the mind of Christ… you better listen to me! What I love most is that I know personally she lives every word of this book. If you’ve been struggling in your thought life with anxiety, worry, fear, depression, etc. this book is a must have! It will definitely help you change your thoughts and ultimately change your attitude and behavior! Get it on Amazon now along with her other two books, The Drying Pot & I’m a Sword Wielding Devil Slayer!” – Quelynn, Inc.